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Dwight Eubanks

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DWIGHT EUBANKS, dubbed the "International Man of Style." is a trend-setting stylist, successful owner of the "Purple Door Salon" in Atlanta, and a celebrity reality television star!


He is popularly known as the hairstylist of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta".

Eubanks has been immersed in the field of fashion and cosmetology for over 30 years. His creativity and fashion sense are impeccable. He continues to to share his talent as an intergal part in producing fashion shows, national hair styling events, and award ceremonies.


In 2008, Eubanks was tapped to join the cast of the wildly popular Housewives of Atlanta, a Bravo cable TV reality show. Eubanks was featured as the hairstylist of the Atlanta Housewives. Currently, he is staring in another Bravo hit, Married to Medicine, as the creative director of the Lisa Nicole Fashion Line.


Eubanks continues to take part in fashion shows and has recently hosted the Bronner Brothers Hair Show which has been in production for 65 years now. He often works as the "guest stylist" in cities like New York, Los Angles, Paris and Dubai. Known as a fashion industry jet-setter, Eubanks has also distinquished himself in the in vogue worlds of Milan and Paris.


In an interview with the Atlanta Fashion Examiner, Eubanks says he is still able to find time for his salon. He maintains a list of clients, walk-ins, and also conducts lifestyle consultations. By closely communicating with clients he develops full understanding of the approach and specific requirements or each. This ensures the ability to create flattering hair designs that allow the client to develop an individual style... simplicity and an understated elegance are the essence of the Purple Door.


Eubanks has also maintained a reputation as a supporter of the community. As a vehicle to "give back," Eubanks established the Institute of Beauty. This institution organizes seminars and workshops to help up & coming hairstylists.

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