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JaVon Crockett

 Mr. Javon Crockett, The Chosen One, is not one to be slept on. He has helped shape the beauty industry for the past 40 years. Native to Lancaster, South Carolina, Javon always knew that his calling was to pursue a career in the Cosmetology and Barbering Industry. Inspired at an early age by his mother and his aunt by observing them with their gift of beauty, he quickly began cultivating and nurturing his craft. Shortly after graduating from Lancaster High School, he enrolled in The Chris Logan Pivot Point Beauty College and Shabazz Barber College in Rock Hill, S.C. In 1985, Javon was awarded his Master of Cosmetology license and Master of Barbering license. After achieving his Master Cosmetology and Master Barbering license, he opened Javon’s Beauty Salon and Barber Shop in the heart of downtown Lancaster, a place where eyes had not seen and ears definitely had not heard. Not one to be out done, Javon flooded the streets of Lan- caster with razor sharp fades, afros and jagged cut bobs that were to die for, and basket weaves and braids that would make Nefertiti envious. Let’s not forget the make-up. He applied eyelashes that extended towards the heavens! Javon with his make-up would take to his client’s faces as a painter would to his canvas, like a true artist. In 1986, he started free-lancing his talent with a local funeral home in Lancaster, assisting them with various make-up, barbering and beauty styling techniques.

In 1999, Javon with his clippers and curling irons by his side, moved to Atlanta where he embarked on a future as bright as the sun. Javon wasted no time while settling in Hotlanta. He entered the Millenium Man Top 10 Competition and found himself placing among the Top 7 of some of the most talented barbers that dared to compete. Javon also competed and won in the Golden Scissors Award Barber’s Competition held in Atlanta.and first place in the Bronner Brother Competition, The boldness, badness and The Best Barber in the nation. A diamond in the rough, Javon was offered a prestigious position with Douglas Thomkins at Flava’z Hair Salon, which has transitioned over 13 years into what is now known as Flava’z Celebrity Imaging Styling Team of Atlanta, Ga. Were he serviced for 13 yrs. Mr.Crockett has his own salon called studio 7. He is also the assistant to Celebrity Stylist Terrance Davidson who is currently the stylist to Niki Minaj. Mr.Crockett has collaborated on numerous wig designs, styling, painting, building stage props, sewing and designing costumes for hair shows and has even worked as an Educator and Platform Artist for Bronner Brothers. His hair coloring techniques sets him apart from the rest due to a keen eye for detail and an undeniable flare for style. Javon has been blessed with an opportunity to continue showcasing his work at Meadows Mortuary Funeral Home in Atlanta, where he has taken the true meaning of “beauty” to another level.

In April of 2007, Mr. Javon Crockett was awarded his Certificate of Ordination/ License by The Redemption of Life Restoration Ministries, in Fairburn, Ga. Lead by the spirit, he started his own church, The Vision of Christ Ministries where he presides as Pastor. When Mr. Crockett is not busy transforming the faces of the world, you can find him in his classroom changing lives at Braddy Preparatory Academy. Braddy Prep, as it’s called, is a private accredited academy serving grades K-12th and specializes in special needs and behavioral challenged children. Mr. Crockett is currently the Creative Design Instructor and is in charge of the development of the school’s “Project Runway” program. When asked about Mr. Crockett, the schools founder Dr. C. Harrison Braddy states “Mr. Crockett brings an abundance of experience, tenacity, and style to the lives of our children. He’s a man of grace and his soulful expression toward our students is second to none.”

Javon makes time to give back to the community each and every year by organizing a Non-Profit “Kid’s Day Festival” in his hometown of South Carolina. This non-profit organization helps assist families with back to school supplies, free hair-cuts, positive outreaches, talent showcases, motivational and spiritual speaking, along with educating and counseling seminars for families in need. Mr.Crockett holds the Key to the City award in Lancaster S.C. given by the mayor of Lancaster, S.C.

Celebrity Stylist. master barber, designer, makeup artist.



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