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The Purple Door staff provides consistently above par salon services. The environment is professional, yet inviting and teeming with attentiveness I've never had an occassion of leaving unsatisfied in 10 plus years.Anglea Baskerville

I have been a client at the Purple Door for greater than 20 years. I am always pleased with the service and consistently receive compliments on my hair. Salon staff always professional and committed to excellent service.Mattie Cox

The Purple Door is my escape.Stephane Shackleford

I've been coming to Todd since 2005. Initially I was just looking for a stylist to do my hair for my wedding, but I soon became a regular customer. Todd is a brillant stylist, but even more he makes every client feel like a friend. I trust his judgment and expertise. My only complaint, if there is one, is that he's so freakin popular. He not only styles my hair, but is also concerned about my hair's health and maintenance. I love Todd and I love the Purple Door.Leah Davis Madden

I've been coming to the Purple Door Salon for over a year now to see my stylist Todd Edwards. I have never left the shop unhappy and I am always amazed by Todd's seemingly effortless talent when it comes to styling and cutting. Unlike many of the stylists I have worked with in the past, Todd is a great listener and knows how to blend your needs with his expertise. I highly recommend Todd to anyone wanting to take great care of their hair and look fantastic every time they walk outside. The salon itself has a great atmosphere and all of the other stylists are very friendly and helpful. I get compliments on my hair regularly as if I've just gotten it cut! So glad I found Todd and the Purple Door!Yvonne Druyeh

I have been a client for many years and Darius has never failed to make my hair fabulous. He is the best and most consistant stylist in Atlanta. Love him and you will too.Dena Brice

I left my stylist who gave me my 1st perm in the 4th grade to try the Purple Door. I love my stylist Jamell. I am a regular on thursday and enjoy the atmosphere. I can always count on good, fast, reliable service and that is what keep me coming back, besides the fact that she is a miracle worker!Andrea Clark

Purple Door for me means TRANSFORMATION! When I first arrived ( 7 yrs. ago) at the "Door" as I like to call it. I was a plain, simple, always wearing the same hair style kind of girl. Since coming to the door I have tranformed and bloomsed into a sassy, young, energetic, chick whose hair is always on point!! My stylist Todd has transformed my style into ways I could never imagine. Who would have thought the plain girl with long, blah! hair would ever have a short hair cut, spiked with highlights to die for. I owe a lot of my new style ( both hair and clothes) to Todd and the "Door". Everyone here is like family and we always have a good time. The Professional that they are always ensure their clients hair is healthy, funky, and fun.The "Door" is a great place to be! There's nothing like it in the ATL Kia Goodwin

The Purple Door is the epitome of style & beauty. Jamell's style is a reflection of her knowledge and experience. She is my Hair Angel & Todd is my Star. Anglea Wheeler

I came to Atlanta 15 years ago and of course as a black women the 1st thing I needed to establish was a stylist, I went to one that i found just driving around, can you say "ghetto". A co-worker told me about a salon on the west end, called the Purple Door, a stylist named Jamell, "oh you will love her" and I did. Not only did I loved her spirit. My hair was and is always fly and my spirit is always nourished. Now 15 years later my hair is healthy and strong. I love the atmosphere of the Purple Door. Jamell has since passed me along to Todd who is a mini version of herself and between the both of them my hair looks great and the friendships that I have built along the way are fullfilling. Thanks Purple Door, thanks you Jamell and Todd, lots of love and many blessingKaren James

Gorgeous that's how I feel when I leave Purple Door Salon $ Spa! Todd is an exquisite skilled, and artistic stylist that creates a unigue perfection for his clients.Tasha Peckon

Todd , Thanks for hooking my hair up. You did a great job. I'll be looking forward to geting my hair done again when I come back to the ATL... and getting them highlights you suggested.Tonya C.

The Purple Door has meant so much through the years. I can't sum it up in a few sentences.It's like being at a bestfriend's place. It's always rejuvenates my spirit when I come to get my hair cared for. When I leave I feel & look beautiful. Thank You for the many years of great service and friendships.Nakita Jones

Blue, I really love you and you never cease to make me happy! You are the best hair stylist that I have come across in my life and I thank god for you! Love you!Morgan Lewis

Blue, after four months living in Atlanta I have found the best stylist ever, u made me so confident walking out of the salon. I love our new friendship. Very Creative!Kennie

Rashaan!!! You effing ROCK! I love you !Crystal Cameron

Coming to the Purple Door is a wonderful change compared to my old hair salon. When you come in you are greeted, the music is pumped. My shampoo was eye opening, my stylist Rashaan, is witty, humerous, cool and just the best hair dresser I have known and seen. My overall experience was very pleasant.

hello my first visit to the Purple Door was a great experience, I enjoyed new age music and wine, My designer was Jamell and she new just what I was looking for the right haircut for my face. I rescheduled with her next week.Carla Moore

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